About Us

DL.me is a free service provided by DecisionLogic for the benefit of its lender clients and their borrower customers.

Your data is your data.

DL.me represents a new paradigm for financial data control and access for consumers. It is an offering of DecisionLogic as a service to its lender clients and their customers - you the borrower. If your lender is a DecisionLogic client, DL.me will allow yout to view the data you've shared with that lender, provide additional permissions around your data and, if you'd ultimately like to, delete it.

Who is DecisionLogic?

DecisionLogic is a leading provider of borrower bank account and identity verification services for lenders and other financial institutions. We seek to improve the lending process for both lenders and borrowers by delivering a solution that solves pain points for both parties through innovative technologies, our commitment to data, and superior customer support. Our platform instantly and securely retrieves a read-only copy of a customer's bank statement. This simple, elegant platform allows lenders to view borrowers' critical financial profile online and in real-time. The intelligence delivered by our solution allows lenders to close more deals more profitably and in a shorter amount of time. In addition, it provides a superior experience for the consumer that results in shorter loan processing times, greater transparency, and more control of the process.

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